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About Arieli Capital


a global ventures arm

Arieli Capital is a holding and investment firm with offices in New York and Tel Aviv.


The firm's global innovation arm manages and invests in innovation platforms, centers, accelerators, commercialization companies, and academic research. Arieli is also the majority shareholder of SHARENETT financial and banking data company located on Wall Street, New York City.
Arieli innovation Arm leads a range of global programs and tech centers.

Amongst Arieli's global programs are the official Italian government startup accelerator, the official Slovenia government startup accelerator, the Israel Ministry of economy accelerator, startup scaleup program with Intesa Sanpaolo banking group, Frontier Agricultural Innovation Center with the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, the Eilat High-tech Center, the international Ocean innovation community with Start-up Nation Central, the US-based Well4Tech startup accelerator, and many more.

Local Market | Israel

In Israel, Arieli Capital leads several innovation centers, including the largest agricultural innovation center in Israel, together with the country's largest regional council (over 20% of Israel's landmass), Ramat Negev Regional Council, as well as the innovation center in Eilat, which focuses on marine technologies, tourism and agriculture.


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